Creamy treatment that gives 15 real benefits to the hair.
Get healthy hair instantly and provides an incredible anti-aging effect.

  1. Repairs dry and damaged hair.
  2. Gives a natural intense shine.
  3. Smooth and silky touch.
  4. Add volume and body.
  5. Anti-frizz.
  6. Anti-static.
  7. Protects the color with UV filter.
  8. Heat protection.
  9. Easy drying.
  10. Easy combing.
  11. Detangles and easier brushing.
  12. Prevents split ends.
  13. Holds the hairstyle longer.
  14. Moisturizes the hair cuticle.
  15. Nourishes the hair.


Creamy formula enriched with exclusive active ingredients nutrients.
Floral fragrance that creates a unique experience of beauty.

-          Silk: adds shine, softness and creates a protective film on the hair.

-          Panthenol: derived from provitamin B5 moisturizes, reduces split ends and adds shine.

-          Quaternary Polymers: condition hair.

-          UV filter: To protect the color from sunlight.



  1. Spray the desired quantity directly on the hair.
  2. Spread uniformly with a comb.
  3. Style as usual.
  4. Do not rinse.

/ It can be applied both dry and wet hair.

Available sizes

Spray bottle 200 ml

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