Compound of Argan and Avocado oils, rich in Vitamin E to provide a sublime shine to hair, strengthens, moisturizes and leaves hair soft and with a silk texture. Concentrated formula for dry and damaged hair.


Concentrated formula rich in:

-          Argan oil: rich in vitamin E that nourishes the hair fiber, promotes cell renewal, moisturizes and strengthens the hair giving it a lot of shine and flexibility.

-          Avocado Oil: contains many essential nutrients (Protein, Vitamins A, D, E, B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids and folic acid) beneficial for the growth and health of all hair types, especially afro and dry hair.

-          Keratin: penetrates the hair cuticle repairing hair structure leaving it soft and shiny.

-          Vitamin E: creates new blood vessels in the scalp and thus improves circulation to that area. This makes the hair quality is optimal and helps to prevent hair fall.


Apply a few drops in your hand and spread on damp hair to give body, movement and shine; on the dry hair to give instant shine and eliminate frizz.

Leaves no residue.

Available sizes

100 ml bottle

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